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This is a little about us and where we come from. 


"MIMI'S" story begins with Rollin Amore's extensive employment and travels through Asia and Europe over the last 40 years. After each trip, he would re-create his meals and desserts with his children Alexandra, Mimi, Nicholas & Pang Pang. Retiring from a 40 year career in International banking and finance, Rollin opened his first store, MIMI'S HANDMADE ICE CREAM in Arlington, VA as a retirement hobby!  

MIMI'S HANDMADE SOFT SERVE is born of a rich tradition of handmade Ice creams and cones. In our first soft serve location, we bring together our high-quality ingredient recipes, magical flavors and "touch" of love.

Inspired by our travels through Asia and Europe, our flavor board from SUPER OREO to UBE to BLACK SESAME, will become Instant favorites!!

From the Japanese "street food" stalls, we offer fresh baked Teriyaki cones and treats stuffed with your choice of either Nutella or Azuki Bean. 

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